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Imi Lichtenfeld, Krav Maga founder
Grand Master Imrich " Imi" Lichtenfeld
GM Imrich Lichtenfeld was born in 1910 in Hungary, but grew up in Bratislava, Slovakia.  Imrich was an alaround athlete involved in gymnastics, boxing, and wrestling.  He won many national boxing and wrestling championships as both a youth and adult.  
In the mid 1930's conditions in Bratislava started to change.  He had to take his fighting skills to the streets to combat rising facist and anti-semitic thugs in Jewish Neighborhoods.  Imi quickly found that, although skilled in boxing and wrestling, it did not transfer from competition to violent street fighting.  He started to re-evaluate his ideas about real life fighting and competitive fighting, and developing skills and techniques that would later evolve into Krav Maga.  In the 1940's Imi left his home on the last refugee ship to escape Europe,and  the tightening Nazi noose 
Imi made his way to Palestine and joined the Israel's pre-state Haganah military organization.  During this time Imi refined his fighting technique to a more rounded self-defense system and stressed the physical endurance involved in real-world self-defense.  He also started training the Haganah and the Palmach (predecessor to the modern day Israeli Defense Force), as well as local law enforcement groups.  

When the state of Israel, and the IDF was founded in 1948 Imi was Chief Instructor for Physical Fitness and Krav Maga at the IDF school of Combat Fitness.  He served the IDF for 20 years always refining his Combat system.  
Ran Nakash, Prof. Marty Cale, Krav Maga Association
Ron Nakash and Prof. Marty Cale
Ron Nakash is a former professional Israeli cruiserweight boxer.  He is also the currently Chief Commander and Head Instructor of the Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga instructional Division.
Professor Marty Cale has been training and studying the martial arts for nearly 4 decades. He holds numerous Black Belts in various arts including a 10th Degree Black Belt in White Tiger Kenpo Karate and a 7th Degree Black Belt in Combative JuJitsu. He has been a Certified Instructor in JKD (Bruce Lee's Art) since 1995 and recently receiving a second Instructor Certification from Grandmaster Richard Bustillo, one of Bruce Lee's original students. Mr. Cale has been certified as a Defensive Tactics Instructor for Law Enforcement by 3 different organizations.

Professor Marty Cale became interested in Krav Maga in 1999 and started learning techniques. Wanting to become a serious practitioner of Krav Maga he researched and found Rhon Mizrachi of the American Association of Krav Maga (now Krav Maga Federation). In 2001 Professor Marty Cale and his school Arkansas Martial Arts was certified by Rhon Mizrachi to teach Krav Maga. Rhon Mizrachi is from Israel and teaches Krav Maga. 

Professor Cale has taught Krav Maga both in the US and overseas. He has taught Krav Maga to people, including Law Enforcement and Military personel from all 50 states at the annual United States Martial Arts Hall Of Fame and National Training Camp since 2004. He has held seminars in Nashville TN, Chicago IL, St. Louis MO, Tulsa OK, Oklahoma City OK, Little Rock AR, Branson MO, Dallas TX, and Las Vegas to mention a few. He has also traveled overseas to St. Lucia, Barbados and Martinique, Eastern Caribbean Islands teaching Krav Maga to the Military, Police, Airport Security and Air Marshals.

On September 24th, 2010, Professor Cale received his last Black Belt and Expert Instructor Certification in Krav Maga by Yitzhak Stavi of Israel. Yitzhak Stavi has trained in Krav Mage and Kapap for many years and was a member of IDF. He holds high ranking Black Belts / Instructor Level in Krav Maga and Diploma from the Wingate Institute. He teaches Krav Maga to a small, hardcore group in Israel, focusing on the realistic training of modern self defense and hand to hand combat of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Mr. Stavi has appointed and authorized Professor Cale to teach "Official Krav Maga" in the United States. "Official Krav Maga" is the name of Mr. Stavi's training facility in Israel.

In September 2011, Professor Marty Cale and his Assistant Instructor Dr. Chris Tucker, traveled to Israel and trained for nine days in Krav Maga with Ran Nakash, former Chief Commander of Israeli Defense Forces for Krav Maga. During their stay in Israel, Mr. Cale and Mr. Tucker was fortunate to train at the Wingate Institute with Danny Netzer, the current Chief Commander of Israeli Defense Forces for Krav Maga. Being advanced Instructors in Krav Maga, Mr. Cale and Mr Tucker was able to train in VIP PROTECTION and SECURITY as taught to high ranking military and law enforcement officers. Both Professor Cale and Dr. Tucker received a Diploma from Ran Nakash making them the only two Americans to receive such Diploma from Ran Nakash.

Professor Cale recently wrote the Official Training Manual for Krav Maga Tactical Training Options, a Defensive Tactics Program that was approved by the State Of Arkansas Law Enforcement Standards. The program is currently being presented to several other states to be approved, including Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Tennessee and should be approved by all 50 states within the next couple of years.

Every year in the month of July, Professor Cale heads up the largest Defensive Tactics Instructors Course for Law Enforcement Training and Certifies some of the Unites States most elite Law Enforcement Officers including Local, State, and Federal Agents.

Professor Marty Cale is President and Chief Director of the International Association of Krav Maga and is in charge of setting up Krav Maga schools as well as Instructor Seminars for Civilians and Law Enforcement around the world. He along with his wife Jenny own and operate Arkansas Martial Arts in Fayetteville Arkansas where they teach Krav Maga.